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MathFreeOn is SaaS(Software as a Service), used in Engineering education.
With MathFreeOn, users can solve math problems online by writing scripts themselves.

Two Key parts of MathFreeOn.

Two Key parts of MathFreeOn.

One is Project. You can manage scripts under project folder and write scripts by yourself and by clicking the ‘RUN’ button online, your results can be formatted in to 3D graphs accordingly. Because it is compatible with Matlab, Matlab users can access this service easily. The second is Code gallery. When you run your scripts on MathFreeOn, your scripts and result will be automatically saved to Code Gallery.

You can increase work efficiency.

When you log in, you can save library and functions that we provided on your own account. Now you can add friends to friend list to share your project. In this way, you can increase work efficiency by cooperating with others.

You can increase work efficiency.


MathFreeOn provides Classes for novice users who have difficulty in writing scripts. There are more than 200 practical examples with explanations and scripts detailing various mathematical topics. Why don’t you save the provided scripts on your account and run them on the editor for yourself? You should Log in to the Editor service if you would like to see what is your own results by changing variables or inputting values on the scripts.

Classes shows you how to use.

In Basic section, scripts are provided to solve engineering problems with explanations on various engineering problems. In Advanced section, MathFreeOn provides API service which you do not have to write a script but can check the results promptly according to changes you have made. We can provide API service on various subjects customized for you only. Please feel free to contact us for further information for those who need customized curriculum for online practice. Classes service is provided for free and more examples will be updated later on.

Classes shows you how to use.

Coming Soon.


Mexican Hat wavelet example


No installation required

Hassle free service. No purchase required.

No updates required

We work 24-7 to keep our engine up-to-date. You simply log in and enjoy our service.


Many examples help you understand how to use better.

No code conversion

Simply use matlab scripts here and check the results online. You don't need to convert matlab code.

Share your works

Share your scripts with your friend or your coworker.

Access Anywhere

MathFreeOn supports any O/S system.

What’s MathFreeOn?

Check out the Script Based Mathematical Data Analysis Online Service.


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